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Taking action after a broken glass fall

When you are in a public premises, whether it is a restaurant, bar or shopping mall, the premises owner and therefore the management has the primary responsibility to keep you safe. As a visitor to the premises, you expect that you will be safe from injury, which is an expectation affirmed by the law.

Therefore, when you do become injured because of the management’s failure to keep the premises safe, you will likely feel shocked that this was allowed to happen. You may also need to pay for medical bills as a result of your injury. You might even lose wages as a result of needing to take unpaid leave from work.

What should I do if I fall on broken glass?

When there is broken glass in a space accessible to the public, the management of that space has the legal responsibility to identify the danger as soon as possible. They should deal with it immediately. If broken glass is left on the floor longer than is necessary, or if management know about it but they failed to do anything about it, this constitutes negligence.

If you injure yourself on broken glass because of the management’s negligence, it is likely that you will have a personal injury claim in Arizona. You should first make sure that all glass is safely removed from your body, and seek medical attention if you believe that it is necessary.

You should consider taking action if you believe that the establishment you were visiting was to blame for your injury. It is important to note the details of how your injury occurred and why you believe that the owner or manager of the premises was negligent.

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