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Becoming injured at an Arizona gym

Gymnasiums are a place where you can hope to improve your strength and fitness, and become more resilient both physically and emotionally. However, it is important to remember that a gym can be a dangerous environment, and injuries that are acquired as a result can severely affect your quality of life.

If you have been injured at an Arizona gym, it is important that you consider the specific circumstances that led up to your injury, and consider whether the gym itself could have put measures in place to prevent the accident from taking place.

How do I know if the gym was responsible for my injury?

The gym company is responsible for making sure their guests are safe at all times. This means making sure that all gym equipment is clean and free from harmful bacteria that could lead to infections, that all equipment is properly functioning and that the gym area does not have any dangerous obstacles such as broken glass or spillages.

If you injured yourself at the gym simply through overexertion and lifting too heavily, it is unlikely that you would be able to pursue a claim against the gym for this. However, if you injured yourself because a piece of gym equipment was damaged and there was no “out of order” sign, you hurt yourself on shards from a broken mirror or slipped on a wet floor, it is much more likely that you will have a claim.

It is vital that you understand your rights as an injured gym user in Arizona. Make sure that you hold your gym responsible for their negligence.

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