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What are the limits of Arizona zoning regulations?

When you own a home or a piece of land, you have certain rights in relation to it. You may want to buy a piece of land in Arizona in order to build a house or housing development upon it, or you might want to make a structural modification to the existing property. While you are likely to be able to do such things with ease, you are limited to the zone that your property is in, and the regulations that are attached to it.

Zoning regulations are in place in Arizona because the state wants to have control over the way that towns and green spaces develop. This is so the state can manage schooling, public transportation and road development efficiently and optimally.

What can zoning regulations in Arizona control?

Zoning regulations provide restrictions on the maximum height that structures can be in certain areas, as well as state the types of buildings that are allowed, and how many structures can be present on one piece of land. Certain pieces of land may be only used for farming; therefore, you may not be able to build upon it.

How can I challenge my zoning limitations?

It is within your power as a property owner to make challenges to the zoning regulations that are in place. You can do this by making an appeal to your local municipality. Many municipalities have created boards where appeals can be heard.

If you would like to challenge your zoning regulations in Arizona, it is important to understand how the law works in this area, and take appropriate action.

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