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Are you aware of how dangerous it is to sleep and drive?

If you normally find yourself in the driver’s seat without getting enough rest for you to feel completely alert, you could find yourself getting into an avoidable car accident. You are one of many motorists in the Avondale area and across the nation who may be too sleep-deprived to operate their vehicles safely. 

Plenty of drivers are not aware that it is not normal or safe for them to drive while fatigued. They also might not know that it can cause them to think and act as if they are drunk. Some of them have sleep disorders (such as sleep apnea and insomnia), medical conditions or medications that induce drowsiness, and hectic work schedules, amongst other things. Here are few things you should know about the dangers of drowsy driving:

How drowsiness impairs driving skills

When you are sleepy, it is harder for you to focus on the roads and actions of other motorists. You are also likely to miss hazards that require you to take defensive and evasive actions to avoid crashing. Motorists who are sleepy and fall asleep behind the wheel cannot react and often do not hit their brakes in time to avoid motor vehicle collisions

It is not always easy to remain alert when in the driver’s seat. But there are things you can do to minimize the dangers of drowsy driving, such as: 

  • Let someone else drive.
  • Pay attention to your body and mental state.
  • Add short naps to your daily routine.
  • Use public transportation or a ride share service. 

If you feel sleepy, are yawning or constantly blinking your eyes, or are having trouble recalling where you are, you should pull over and park somewhere safe. Take time to get a little sleep so you feel more refreshed. You could also get something to eat or a caffeinated beverage and get out of your vehicle to stretch. Driving while drowsy may seem like it is not a serious matter, but it is. Many people have lost their lives, or have either injured or killed others because they were too sleep-deprived to drive.


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