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Considering taking action after a restaurant injury

There are risks everywhere in this world, and therefore, we must exhibit reasonable care and caution wherever we go. However, a restaurant or other public establishment also has the responsibility to ensure that their customers are kept reasonably safe on their property at all times.

When you are visiting a restaurant or bar, you expect to be in a safe environment where you are protected from being injured. However, you might hurt yourself after falling down hazardous stairs, trip on broken glass or slip on a wet floor in the bathroom. When an accident like this occurs and you believe that the restaurant or bar in question could have easily prevented the occurrence, it is likely that you will consider taking legal action. It is important to consider some basic factors before doing so.

What type of medical attention did you receive?

If you decide to file a personal injury claim against the establishment, the notes that were made by any medical provider that you saw will weigh heavily on the final decision. Therefore, you should think about the type of medical attention you sought, and what notes were made in your consultations.

What type of establishment are you intending to take action against?

The size of the establishment will likely affect your chances of success when filing a claim. For example, filing a claim against a family-run restaurant will be a very different battle than a claim against a national chain.

If you have been injured at a restaurant in Arizona, it is wise to fully consider the potential implications of filing a claim.

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