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Frequently asked premises liability questions

Premises liability is an important topic that every property owner should understand. It’s also important for visitors to properties to understand the laws surrounding premises liability. Injuries can occur on a property that can lead to legal issues down the road. The more you know about premises liability in Arizona, the better off you will be as a property owner or visitor.

Don’t assume that if you trip and get injured on a city sidewalk you can sue the city. There are many statutes in effect that prohibit recovery from cities and municipalities regarding these issues. Despite this, it is the duty of the entity to keep the sidewalks repaired.

Sustaining serious injuries at a friend’s or neightbor’s house can also lead to premises liability claims. Depending on the way the injury occurred, you might be able to recover damages from the person you visited. They are responsible for warning visitors of any hazards that could injure them and maintaining safe premises.

People can also end up hurt at hotels and similar facilities. A hotel or other business open to the public is supposed to warn its guests of any hazards that could injure them. This includes putting up warning tape around broken sidewalks, putting up blockades in the parking lot where potholes are located and putting out wet floor signs after a spill has occurred or the floor has recently been mopped.

Now that you know how important premises liability is to a property owner in Maricopa, you can better understand your rights and obligations in any given situation. If you suffered injuries on someone else’s property, you may have a right to seek compensation for your losses.

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