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How to make yourself visible on a motorcycle in Arizona

As you prepare to head out for a nice ride on your motorcycle this spring season you need to do a couple of things to ensure your safety. Riding a motorcycle is very dangerous. It can also be one of the most exhilarating things you will do in Arizona if you do it safely. Today’s post will provide you with tips for making yourself visible to other motorists when on your motorcycle so you can avoid getting into an accident.

Even when you ride during the day you should ride with your headlight on so other motorists can see you. Riders should also wear reflective apparel when riding no matter the time of day. This apparel can be a vest, a jacket, a shirt, the helmet, gloves and more. Anything that can reflect light will help make you visible to other motorists on the roads of Maricopa, Arizona.

When approaching an intersection make sure you make eye contact with other drivers around you so they know you are there. This is especially helpful when making a left turn or when another vehicle is getting ready to make a left turn in front of you.

If you approach an intersection that has stopped traffic, try to put a buffer between you and the other vehicles. This can be done by using a stopped vehicle as a blocker. Just be sure you make eye contact with this driver so they know you aren’t trying to cut into their lane.

Motorcycle safety is not just the responsibility of the rider. It also falls on all other motorists. Everyone needs to be on the lookout for bikes throughout the year in Maricopa in an effort to keep everyone safe.


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