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Spring motorcycle prep for riders in Arizona

Arizona is known for its warm weather pretty much all year long. This means that most motorcycle enthusiasts will get to enjoy their bike during every season. With that being said, some motorcyclists might still put their bike away for the winter in Maricopa. If this is the case, it’s time to get the bike ready for the spring season so it is tuned up and ready to go for the first ride.

Before you do anything, you need to make sure the battery still works on the motorcycle. If it doesn’t, try charging it before deciding to replace it. This can save you a couple hundred dollars if it truly only needs a charge to get it running.

Once you check the battery, you can move to checking all of the lights, belts and fluids. Change the oil, fill the gas tank and make sure all of the lights work properly. You will want to replace any burnt out lightbulbs and clear the fog from the protective covering.

Try to start the bike in your driveway. This will help you hear any unsettling noises. You should let it run idle for about 10 minutes to burn off any old gas or oil. This will help the bike run much smoother once you go for a ride.

Take the bike for your first ride in an empty parking lot to get a feel for the bike again. Make sure your safety gear and reflective apparel is worn.

As you can see, preventive maintenance at the start of every riding season is vital to the safety of you and your motorcycle passenger in Arizona. Finding problem areas and fixing them before you ride can prevent you from getting involved in accidents.


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