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Taking action after a bounce house injury

There are many ways to keep your children entertained during weekends and holidays in Arizona, and bounce houses have become a popular activity over the years. They can be a great form of exercise for children of all ages. However, many parents do not realize how dangerous they can be.

Each year, thousands of children suffer injuries while using bounce houses and trampolines. It is possible for a child to injure their limbs or suffer a head injury from such an innocent activity. Many parents wonder whether they are able to take legal action after a bounce house injury.

Can I take action as a parent with a child who was injured in a bounce house?

Your right to file a legal claim for personal injury in Arizona will depend on whether negligence was present. Negligence means that the owner or provider of the bounce house breached his or her duty to keep customers safe in some way.

The responsibilities that a bounce house owner has will be to ensure that the bounce house does not become overcrowded, to supervise the children at all times and to make sure that the children are not being violent toward each other. Negligence could occur in the way that it was set up, for example, if it was over inflated, under-inflated or positioned on a slope.

If your child suffered an injury from a bounce house, it is important that you reflect on the cause of the accident and consider whether it was due to negligence. If you believe the injury was due to negligence, it is important to take action in Arizona.

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