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Why seniors are much more likely to fall

Arizona is an ideal place to retire, thanks to enviable weather, an affordable cost of living and plenty of opportunities to enjoy food, shopping and entertainment. As an Arizona senior, however, you also face unique safety and health hazards that differ from those faced by younger generations, and one of those hazards involves your risk of suffering a serious fall.

According to, falls are the leading cause of senior injuries, fatalities and emergency room visits. Falls have become so common among older people, in fact, that one in every four Americans 65 and over suffers a fall every year. Just what is it about your age group that places you at such high risk for a fall?

Poor vision

Unfortunately, many parts of your body and mind start to break down as you age, and your eyes are no exception. Many older people begin to develop degenerative eye diseases that affect them more and more over time, and others simply experience a decline in vision as they get older. This can make people more reliant on glasses or contacts and less likely to spot potential obstructions in their pathways.

A lack of mobility

If you are like most seniors, you may have found that you simply are not as physically active as you were in your younger years. When you move less, however, your body suffers, and your muscles and bones typically weaken. You may also find that your lack of movement decreases your flexibility, which can make you more rigid and more likely to fall.

Environmental aspects

When poor vision and weak muscles and bones are present, environmental factors that younger people may be able to avoid pose a far more substantial threat to older Americans. For example, if your eyesight is weak, you may be less likely to notice cluttered stairs or obstructions in store aisles. Insufficient lighting may also pose a threat to you, as it can make you even less likely to spot and avoid hazards in your way.

While these are some of the common factors that make today’s seniors more likely to suffer a fall, please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all senior fall risk factors.



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