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Fitness center hot tubs can be dangerous

Going to a hotel or a fitness center and enjoying facilities such as the hot tub can be a fun activity for all the family. It can provide an opportunity to have much needed relaxation time. However, occasionally hot tubs can present dangers and lead to injuries, especially when they have not been adequately maintained by the premises.

It is possible to slip and fall on the deck leading to a hot tub if the floor has not been made safe. Additionally, broken steps or faulty seats can lead to injuries. Hob tubs can also reach dangerous heats if the thermostat is not functioning adequately, and the suction devices can pose certain health and safety risks. If you have become injured on a premises that was not your own, it is important that you understand how the law works in the state of Arizona.

Was the premises liable for my hot tub injury?

If you were legally visiting the hotel or fitness center and using the hot tub in a sensible and appropriate manner, the question must be asked as to whether the incident could realistically have been prevented by the premises itself. The premises has the legal responsibility to do what is reasonably necessary in order to prevent visitor injuries. If the premises owner should have known about the problem or knew about the problem that caused the injury but did nothing to resolve it, then it is likely that the premises can be held liable.

If you have suffered injuries in an Arizona hot tub, it is important that you understand your legal rights and take appropriate legal action.


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