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Making a claim for being overserved in a bar

When you order a drink in a bar, you expect to be served what you originally ordered, and the amount that you originally ordered, too. This is especially true when you go to a bar and order a nonalcoholic drink, because you may intend to drive or engage in another activity that should not be mixed with alcohol.

This is why it can become problematic when a customer is overserved in a bar or is mistakenly served alcohol in a bar when he or she did not order it. Doing so can potentially result in damages such as injury, since a customer is becoming intoxicated without his or her free will being exercised.

What are the consequences of being overserved in a bar?

Most of the United States enforces what is known as dram shop laws. These laws effectively extend the liability of a customer’s actions to the establishment that originally served them. Therefore, if a person suffers an injury, gets into a fight, was found to be driving over the legal limit or got into a car accident as an intoxicated driver, the establishment may be found liable for the damages, under dram shop law and premises liability law. This is especially true if it can be proven that the customer in question was overserved or served alcohol without his or her knowledge.

If you have suffered injuries in Arizona and you believe these injuries occurred because you were overserved in a bar, it is important to hold the establishment liable and take action to protect your rights.


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