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Retail hazards that commonly cause injuries

Dangers can arise in any environment, but when we visit a public space such as a retail store, we never expect that we will become injured due to a preventable hazard that was not addressed by the premises. When injuries like this occur, an injured person will likely suffer pain, need to take time off work and lose wages as a result, and they may also need to pay a significant amount in medical bills.

This is why many people decide to take action against the premises owner responsible for their injuries. When a premises owner knew about a danger or should have known about a danger, he or she can be accused of exhibiting negligence. The following are some preventable hazards in the retail environment that have been known to cause injuries.

Trip hazards

Premises owners have the legal responsibility to keep their floors free from trip hazards whenever reasonably possible. This means that they should be regularly checking for spills and misplaced items that could present a danger.

Unsafely stored items

When items are stored high up and unsafely, they have a risk of falling and potentially hitting and injuring someone. Premises owners must make sure that all stored items are secured safely.

Lose handrails

Using the bathroom in a store could be hazardous to a person needing to use the handrail if the handrail is faulty. This can lead to a dangerous fall and result in injuries.

If you have been injured in an Arizona retail store or believe that dangerous conditions are present, it is important that you take action so that the damages you suffered can be reimbursed.


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