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Tips for motorcycle safety in the Phoenix desert

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you likely ride your machine year-round. However, if you ride in a desert climate like Phoenix, you face some unique safety challenges, especially during the excruciatingly hot summer months.

Motorcycle safety is a top concern for all bikers. The following tips will give you some pointers for staying safe – and cool – on your spectacular desert rides:

1. Do not ditch the protection, just change the material

It can be tempting to want to shed your protective clothing when the thermometer hits 100 and above, but that would be a big mistake. Your risk for a crash does not decrease in hotter weather, so your protection should not decrease either. One way to stay protected and cool in the hot weather is by changing the material of your gear from leather to a more breathable textile option. A great tip for keeping cool while on your motorcycle is to put some ice cubes in your jacket pockets. This is something you can do with textiles, but not with leather.

2. Stay alert for distracted drivers

Although keeping alert for distracted drivers is a good motorcycle safety tip year-round, it is especially relevant in the desert where drivers can easily become distracted on long stretches of road with few other cars. Drivers may feel as if the risk is lower and therefore take more chances in terms of using their cell phones while driving or doing other things that can cause accidents. Negligent drivers can cause injury anywhere, so keep your eyes open and drive defensively.

3. Make sure someone else knows your itinerary

If you plan to take a long, solo cruise in the desert, be sure that at least one other person knows your itinerary and when to expect you back. If you encounter any type of problem or break down, you can be sure that someone will know where to come looking for you. The desert is an unforgiving place to be stuck, and you should never head out without a backup plan. 

With a bit of advance preparation and extra vigilance, your desert motorcycle rides can be enjoyable and safe. In the harsh Phoenix desert, safe biking is critical so that you do not get into a dangerous situation.


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