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Can you sue after a drain entrapment injury?

Since south Arizona is bombarded by year-round high temperatures, it’s only natural that residents frequently cool off by relaxing in pools and spas.

But could there be unseen dangers lurking inside these oases of comfort? It’s quite possible, especially if the spa or pool has a missing or ill-fitting drain cover. This safety breach could lead to drain entrapment, which is often fatal?

What is drain entrapment?

This deadly condition occurs when an outlet on the pool’s or spa’s circulation system creates suction that pulls a person toward the open drain and holds them fast. They can die within minutes.

A swimming pool drain can exert 350 lbs of pressure using a single pump with an 8-inch drain. Unless or until the suction is broken, the victim is held captive under the water.

Five types of suction entrapment can occur:

  • Limb entrapment, where a victim’s leg or arm gets stuck in the open drain outlet
  • Body entrapment, where the victim’s torso is sucked and held tightly to the drain system
  • Mechanical entrapment via the swimmer’s bathing suit or jewelry becomes entangled in the grate over the drain
  • Hair entrapment where a victim’s long hair is entangled in the drain components
  • Evisceration from the victim’s buttocks adhering to the pool suction outlet, resulting in disembowelment

Property owners have a duty to maintain their premises and keep them free of hazards, including those of “attractive nuisances” like hot tubs and swimming pools. If you or a loved one were injured due to a drain entrapment mishap, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses and damages.


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