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Dealing with an injury from an Arizona hotel room

When taking a vacation in the state of Arizona, you will expect to have a fun and relaxing time, and you might even be planning for a luxury stay at a high-end hotel. No matter what type for hotel you stay in, you will at least expect to be safe from harm. Unfortunately, injuries occur in Arizona hotels each year. In many cases, action can be taken against the hotel owner for the damages that occurred.

Whether action can be taken in regard to the damages that occurred depends largely on the specific circumstances surrounding the incident and the reasons why the incident occurred. If you were injured or suffered damages while staying at an Arizona hotel, it is important that you understand how the law works.

When is a hotel owner liable for the injuries on their premises?

All hotels have the legal duty to ensure that their guests are safe at all times; therefore, they must do everything that is reasonably necessary in order to ensure this. Reasonable actions mean making sure that all floors on the premises are free from spills or broken glass, that the swimming pool and gym are safe for use by all and that all electrical sockets have been maintained, just to name a few.

In essence, if you are injured by a hazard or danger that the hotel could have reasonably foreseen and prevented from causing harm, it is quite possible that you will be able to make a claim against the hotel for the pain and suffering caused, as well as for the medical bills and lost wages that affected you financially.


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