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Motorcyclists should watch out for these dangers

As a motorcyclist, it is likely that you are very aware of the dangers involved. However, the unfortunate thing is that no matter how competent a driver you are on the roads of Arizona, you essentially have no control over the actions of other people on the road.

Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous behaviors that motor vehicle drivers exhibit today. This is why it is very important that motorcyclists are aware of the types of behaviors that distracted drivers engage in on the roads, so that they are able to react safely and appropriately.

The most common signs of distracted driving

One of the most common signs that a driver is distracted is when they slow down for no apparent reason. This may be because they have started to text on their phone or have received a phone call. While this is very dangerous, it is important that motorcyclists are aware of such behaviors, especially if they become involved in an accident where the car slowed unnecessarily, because this could point to the motor vehicle driver being at fault.

When a person has a delayed response to a light turning green, it is likely to be because they are distracted in one way or another. This is a good warning sign for a motorcyclist to be extra careful when attempting to pass the driver.

If you have been affected by distracted driving as a motorcyclist, it is important to take action and to ensure that fault is correctly assigned. Being aware of the signs of distracted driving can help you to do this.


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