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The grounds for contesting an Arizona will

When you have a loved one who passes away, it can be a very difficult time both emotionally and from a logistical perspective. Therefore, it is important that you seek support from friends and other relatives while you are going through the process. Many unforeseen things can happen when dealing with a loved one’s estate, and you may realize that the will is not what you expected at all.

If you are surprised by the directions of the will or have a reason to believe that it is invalid in some way, you should take the time to learn about the grounds for contesting a will in the state of Arizona.

When can I challenge a will?

There are many reasons why you may want to challenge a will. You can also go about doing so even if you are already set to benefit from the outcome of the will. Probably the most straightforward reason to challenge a will is when there is the existence of another, more recent will that therefore makes the other will outdated.

Another argument that you can make in regard to challenging a will is that the person writing the will had insufficient mental capacity to make legal decisions at the time of writing. Therefore it may be determined that the will is invalid. Similarly, the person may have been unduly influenced by another or manipulated in some way. Proving this would also be enough to make the will invalid.

If you want to challenge a loved one’s will, it is important that you create a strong argument in order to do so successfully.


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