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Can a premises be held responsible for a lack of repair?

When you are doing grocery shopping or wandering around a shopping mall, it is likely that you will be more concerned about finding the items you want to purchase than about any hidden dangers that might be present on the premises. This is because we have the right to expect that the premises we enter will be reasonably safe.

Therefore, if you suffer a fall in a grocery store or shopping mall because of an uneven surface that was not repaired, you might feel some anger toward the premises in question for not fixing it. If you suffered damages, you may be able to make a claim against the premises owner by arguing that their lack of repair constituted negligence.

How can I prove that the premises owner is responsible?

The law works to protect victims of injuries and tries to hold premises owner responsible for negligence. Premises that are open to the public or invite guests have the legal responsibility to keep their premises “reasonably safe.” This is an acknowledgment that it is not possible for a premises owner to protect visitors from any possible danger, but that they should do what they can to prevent injury. This means that if a floor is damaged in a way that causes it to be hazardous, then a failure to have it fixed or cordon off the area can constitute negligence.

If you have suffered financial and emotional damages as a result of falling at a store, it is important that you take action to claim back damages in the state of Arizona.


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