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Can I make a legal claim for broken lighting?

Lighting in public premises is not just for aesthetic purposes, but it also acts as a safety precaution. Without adequate lighting, situations can be very dangerous, especially when the situation is also paired with the occurrence of a wet floor or stairwell.

You may think that it would be absurd to make a legal claim against a company because they failed to fix their lighting. However, if broken lights or a dark premises led to you suffering an injury, the company will likely be liable for damages, especially if you can prove that they acted negligently.

What is negligent lighting?

Lighting is very important on premises, especially in buildings with no windows. Therefore, if the lighting is broken on a premises, the owner or staff is expected to identify the issue at hand and fix it in a timely manner, particularly if there is any danger associated with the broken lighting.

If a premises owner knew about or should have known about an issue with lighting that could have potentially posed a safety hazard, they should do everything that is reasonably possible to fix that problem. This could be the act of cordoning off the unlit area to prevent accidents, installing new lighting as a temporary measure or closing the premises until it is made safe enough for guests.

If you suffered a fall in the state of Arizona because of broken lighting or a dangerously dark space, you should consider taking action so that you can gain compensation for medical bills and lost wages. It is important that you know about your rights when it comes to making a legal claim.


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