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How quickly does a hazard need to be fixed on a premises?

When in a store, restaurant or shopping mall, the premises owner has the responsibility to keep it as safe as possible for you and all other guests. However, hazards and dangers will arise from time to time on a premises. While the law does not expect any given premises to be completely free of hazards and dangers, it does demand that premises owners do what is reasonably possible in order to attend to the hazards and prevent an accident or an injury from occurring.

If you have been injured by a hazard on an Arizona premises, you may be wondering about whether you will be able to hold the premises owner in question responsible for your injuries. Your injuries will likely have led to a significant amount of pain and suffering and may have meant that you spend time and money on medical services. This is why it is important to look into the possibility of recouping damages.

If a hazard was present, should it have been fixed?

If your injury was caused by a hazard or danger, such as broken glass, discarded items or a broken staircase, you should consider whether you believe that the premises in question could have reasonably fixed the hazard before an injury occurred. For example, if unloading boxes were left on the store floor and you tripped on them, you could argue that these boxes should have been removed before the store opened.

It is important to research more about the way the law works and stand up for your rights if you have been injured on an Arizona premises.


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