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Handwritten wills in the state of Arizona

Many people, for one reason or another, decide to write down their will by hand, and when they do so, often they do not have it officially witnessed. This is not ideal from a legal standpoint because it can mean that the will can easily be challenged.

However, it is possible for a person in the United States to successfully write a will in their own handwriting. Formally, a handwritten will is known as a holographic will. If you have been mentioned as a beneficiary in a holographic will or you intend to create a holographic will yourself in the state of Arizona, it is very important that you understand how the law works, since this will impact the validity of it.

Are holographic wills valid in the state of Arizona?

In Arizona, holographic wills can be recognized as valid, but this is not true for all states. The holographic will is recognized only if the will is made in the handwriting of the testator. It does not need to be witnessed in order to be valid, however.

What are the benefits of a handwritten will?

Some people argue that handwritten wills can be more trustworthy, especially when the testator has a distinctive way of writing. This is because it is near impossible to accurately copy a person’s handwriting, and therefore, they can be difficult to successfully challenge.

If you are considering making a handwritten will, it is important that you take the time to understand the possible implications. It is also important to understand how the validity of the will might be affected if you move states.


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