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Michael Faith – Part Of The History And Future Of The West Valley

Michael Faith, the Managing Partner at the law firm of Faith Law, PLC, is building a secure future in the West Valley, the same area that his family has a strong history in its growth and development. Born in the West Valley, he is a third-generation Arizonian who is happy to keep his roots growing in his hometown.

Building on a a legacy

The 40-year-old firm of Faith Law, PLC has been his professional focus since he worked teenage summers as the firm’s handyman. The firm, founded by Michael’s father, blends the tradition and experience of an established full-service firm while continuing to incorporate new partners into the legal enterprise.

Active in real estate 

Intrigued by the field of real estate, Faith not only made real estate law a focus of his practice of the law, but he also earned his realty license. An active property investor, he is uniquely positioned to advise clients both as a lawyer and as a fellow agent.

Involved in the community

Giving back to his hometown is a top priority for Michael. A member of the West Valley Mavericks, he fundraises for local charities that help disadvantaged youth. As a father of two young children, he also enjoys coaching their sports teams.

Also, his background in real estate and the law makes him a useful commissioner for Litchfield Park’s Planning and Zoning Commission and a valuable board member of Litchfield Park’s Industrial Development Authority.

Valuing the personal relationships made by both himself and his family members over time, Michael Faith plans on continuing his family’s traditions into the future in the West Valley.


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