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Protecting yourself after an injury at a friend’s house

Injuries can occur in any place where there are hazards. This could be in a supermarket, a movie theater or even at a friend’s house. While it is likely that you already know that you have the potential to make a legal claim for an injury on a public premises, you may not know that it is also possible to do if you become injured at a friend’s home.

After the injury occurred, you will undoubtedly feel confused as to what you should do. Whether you fell down a flight of stairs or slipped on hazardous flooring, you are probably quite confident that the injury was not your fault. However, you were the one who suffered significantly due to the incident. You may also have suffered financially after medical bills and lost wages are taken into account. Therefore, it is important that you take action in order to protect your rights.

It is important that you show evidence

Although the incident took place on your friend’s or acquaintance’s premises, you should not take for granted that he or she will back you up in your claims. Therefore, it is vital that you collect adequate evidence to support your claims. You can do this by collecting detailed information such as the medical services you received as a result of your injury You may also want to provide bank statements that show your loss of income.

It is a good idea not to delay in making a personal injury claim in Arizona after you suffered damages. You will likely have the legal right to compensation in situations where negligence was present.


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