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Suffering an injury in the bathroom of a premises

If you have limited mobility or have a disability, visiting bathrooms on public premises can be a challenge. Premises owners are required to provide accessible facilities so that disabled people can use the bathroom safely and with ease. However, sometimes premises owners are negligent in the maintenance of bathroom facilities, and injuries can occur as a result.

If you have suffered an injury in a public bathroom and you believe that the premises in question was to blame, it is a good idea to consider the legal options that you have. This is especially true if you suffered financially due to the incident, for example, if you needed to seek medical attention.

When is the premises owner liable for a bathroom injury?

In the state of Arizona, a premises owner can be held liable for an injury in a bathroom if it can be shown that their negligence was a cause. For example, if a person was using a disabled toilet and the disabled handrail was broken, this may mean that the person struggles to stand up, and trips and falls as a result. In this case, the premises owner had a responsibility to fix the disabled handrail as soon as it was broken. In addition, it can be quite easily shown that if the disabled handrail was not broken, the accident would never have occurred at all.

It is important to be able to show the ways in which the premises was faulty in any premises liability claim. If you have questions about your injury in the state of Arizona, an experienced attorney can help.


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