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2 important issues relating to hotels and premises liability

Arizona hotels receive a lot of visitors and guests. To ensure that these guests don’t get hurt, the property owners and managers of these hotels need to keep their premises safe and free of unnecessary dangers. Failure to do so could render the property owners at fault and liable in the event of a serious injury.

Here are two areas that hotels need to watch closely in terms of the safety of their properties:

Security concerns

A hotel needs to provide adequate and reasonable security for its guests. If the hotel is located in a safe part of town with a low crime level, then the hotel will not need to do much out of the ordinary to keep its visitors safe, but it will need to make sure the doors to the hotel rooms lock appropriately and provide some kind of supervision at the entrance of the hotel. If the hotel is located in a dangerous part of town with a high crime rate, then it might be obliged to provide security personnel and take other safety measures.

Prevention of slips and falls:

Like any other facility that the public visits, a hotel needs to maintain its floors, stairs and other surfaces in a way that prevents slipping, tripping and falling risks. Adequate lighting should also be a part of a hotel’s fall prevention strategies.

Were you the victim of a violent crime at a hotel? Did you slip and hurt yourself on the property of a hotel? You might want to look deeper into the facts of your case in the context of Arizona premises liability law to determine if you have a viable slip-and-fall or adequate security claim for damages.


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