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Tips to bypass the threat of a motorcycle crash

If you like to strap on a helmet, jump on your bike and ride through the Arizona desert — or just ride your motorcycle around town — you’re going to face real dangers every day. It’s impossible to bypass all of these dangers, but you can significantly reduce the chances that you’ll get into a crash.

Here are some “must-do” tips that could save your life as a motorcyclist:

Get the right safety equipment: You need long pants and long sleeves made for bikers that are either made of leather or a special protective material designed to protect motorcyclists. Also, make sure to wear a helmet that protects your eyes, durable boots and riding gloves.

Let’s get visible: Being seen on the road is key. Everything you buy — including your bike — should be brightly colored. Clothes, bike, helmet and all your gear — the brighter the better. Stick reflective tape on anything that doesn’t already have a reflective capacity.

Turn up on the volume on your attentiveness: Look, listen and feel everything around you. Look ahead for hazards and cars that could pull out in front of you. Watch the traffic on your sides and behind you. This will give you advance notice of mishaps to avoid getting hurt.

Be extremely cautious at intersections: Intersections are the most dangerous places where accidents are most likely to occur. Look ahead before entering them and take care.

These are just a few tips; there are many more that motorcyclists should be aware of. If you were careful to avoid a crash, but someone hurt you due to his or her negligence or unlawful behavior. You might have a viable cause of action to pursue financial compensation in court.


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