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What would you give to bring back someone who died?

The great pain and sadness that comes from the unexpected loss of a loved one are inconceivable for someone who has never experienced it. But the longer we’re alive, the more likely we’ll experience this kind of pain. Tragically, one of the primary sources of an unexpected death — the motor vehicle accident — is usually avoidable. In most fatal crashes, police and personal injury lawyers can point the finger of blame at an individual who was careless, reckless or unlawful.

In such cases, how do family members come to grips with losing their beloved mother, father, husband, wife, son or daughter? Especially when they know that death never should have happened in the first place, it’s a life-long process of growth and learning despite this kind of pain.

The search for “closure” can be difficult in these situations. One way that family members can seek a certain amount of closure is through the pursuit of a wrongful death action. It’s true that no amount of litigation — and no amount of financial compensation — will ever right the wrong of someone dying because of another person’s irresponsible behavior. Nevertheless, these kinds of lawsuits might offer family members a certain sense of justice and peace.

The litigation of a claim over the wrongful death of someone in a car accident is a “process,” or a ritual of sorts. And through this process — no matter what the result — families receive a lot more than money. They can also help others. By publicly filing a lawsuit, they are bringing greater light and attention to whatever infraction or negligence caused the loss of someone dear to them — and this can serve to increase awareness so the same thing is less likely to happen to someone else.


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