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More information comes out regarding fatal crash

A mother and her five-year-old son passed away in a car accident back in December, and new details are now emerging about the tragic accident.

The woman and child were riding in a Kia sedan when it got rear-ended by a pickup truck. The impact was hard enough to smash the Kia forward into another vehicle.

The man who was driving the truck is 34. He recently gave an interview saying that he started braking when traffic stopped ahead of him. He claimed he was driving between 50 mph and 60 mph at the time. He was not able to slow down enough to avoid the Kia, a statement that was backed up by his passenger.

As such, police blamed him for the accident and gave him a citation for failing to control his vehicle and avoid a collision.

The investigation looked into his claim and said that marks on the road indicate that he had been hitting the brakes prior to the crash. They also said that he was not impaired by drugs or alcohol at the time.

The surviving family members of the two who died want to see justice in the case. “There’s no words to describe a normal day anymore,” said the woman’s mother. “A normal day isn’t a normal day. I haven’t had a normal day since December 10th…It’s horrible. Do I want him to be thrown in jail the rest of his life? Absolutely not. Do I want him to be held accountable? Absolutely.”

A car accident can have a drastic impact on an entire family in just a split second, and those who are left behind need to know all of their legal rights. Even when criminal charges may not be forthcoming, survivors may pursue justice through the Maricopa County civil courts.


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