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Think carefully about why dogs bite

Most dog bites feel random and unexpected, but they’re not. They happen for a reason. Something causes them.

That does not mean you can always avoid them. It also doesn’t mean it’s your fault. If you run by a dog that is not properly restrained and it bites you on the sidewalk, it isn’t your fault you were bitten just because the dog’s prey drive caused it to chase and bite you when you ran close.

But it is still helpful to know why these incidents happen and how you can avoid injury. A few reasons for dog bites include:

  • The dog is stressed out by something in its environment
  • The dog is surprised or startled
  • The dog feels like it has to protect its territory
  • The dog is trying to protect its food
  • The dog is trying to protect some other possession, like a toy
  • The dog thinks that you are a threat to its pack
  • The dog is just playing and does not realize that it has hurt you
  • The dog is older and uncomfortable around new people
  • The dog is injured, sick or sore
  • The dog has puppies that it is trying to care for — you can also see this in some cases with human babies, when the dog sees the baby as the newest part of the pack

So, what do you do if a negligent owner allows a dog bite to happen? You could have high medical bills, lost wages, permanent scarring and many other issues. You need to know how to seek out financial compensation for all of these costs.


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