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Landlords must fix dangerous conditions

When your landlord will not fix a dangerous condition in your home or apartment, it can put you at constant risk. You deserve a safe place to live, and your landlord does have an obligation to make timely repairs.

After all, unfixed issues are one of the top complaints that tenants have. This sometimes happens due to miscommunication, but it often happens because the landlord simply neglects to do what the tenant asks.

The amount of danger that the tenant faces depends on the specifics of the situation, but there may be far more risk than people realize. For instance, a broken banister on the stairs is not just an annoyance. It’s a chance for someone to slip and fall, potentially suffering a spinal injury or a traumatic brain injury. A broken stove does not just mean you have to go out to eat instead of cooking at your house. It’s a potential gas leak that could lead to a fire or an accidental poisoning.

The landlord may assume that the issue is minor and put off fixing it, but nothing is minor when it leads to avoidable injuries. Repairs need to be made quickly, as soon as the landlord learns of the issue.

Whenever you put in a request for these repairs, you want to get it in writing. This gives you clear evidence of when you made the request. If you do get hurt, you can then look into your legal options for seeking compensation, using that paper trail to show that the landlord neglected you and your safety.


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