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What should you do if you see a motorcycle accident?

You’re sitting at a stoplight when a car cruises by you in the left lane, clearly intent on running the red light. You honk your horn and watch in horror as they plow right into a motorcycle that was legally driving through the intersection.

Now what? No one else is on the scene. The other car stops, but no one gets out. You’re the only one who can help. Do you know what to do?

First and foremost, you need to call 911. That rider likely needs professional medical care. Get that process started as quickly as possible. Tell the operator what happened, where you are and that you need an ambulance in a hurry.

Next, remember to leave the rider’s helmet on. If the rider is conscious, they may want you to take it off. If they’re unconscious, you may think it’s wise to remove it to check on them. It’s not. This can make head and neck injuries far worse. Leave it on.

After that, you want to render what aid you can. Injuries vary massively from one case to the next. You’ll have to assess what the rider needs. It may be as simple as talking to them and keeping them awake until the medical team arrives.

As you go through this, just remember the acronym PACT, which tells you to:

  • Prevent any additional injuries
  • Assess the crash site and the situation
  • Contact emergency services
  • Treat the injured rider

Those who suffer serious injuries in motorcycle accidents may have a right to financial compensation, and it is very important for them to know what legal steps to take.


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