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Alleged drunk driver hits, kills rideshare driver

Despite the fact that a recent accident happened at 2 p.m., police are alleging that the driver who caused the deadly crash was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the wreck.

The crash happened on Sunday, April 7. The Scottsdale Police Department reports that it happened on the Loop 101 underpass and Hayden Road. Three different vehicles were involved.

Per the investigators of the accident, the alleged drunk driver was heading down Hayden, going north. They then left the road and drove onto the sidewalk. The driver hit some landscaping, drove through it and then slammed into the rideshare driver who was stopped in traffic on the freeway ramp. A third car was behind it. When the drunk driver hit the rideshare vehicle, the impact pushed it into that third car.

Even though emergency crews responded to the crash, the person driving the rideshare car passed away at the accident scene. Two passengers were riding with the driver, but they did not get hurt. The drunk driver had serious injuries, but is expected to survive. People in the third car struck in the chain reaction suffered only minor injuries.

The investigation into the multi-vehicle collision could take some time, as it involved both a fatality and apparent impaired driving.

Have you gotten injured in an accident with a drunk driver, or did you lose a loved one in a car accident that was due to another driver’s negligent actions? If so, it is important to know all of the legal options you have to seek recovery for any damages or other losses as a result of the accident.


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