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Arizona Bike Week sees well-known motorcyclist pass away

Arizona Bike Week was supposed to be a celebration, but it turned into more of a memorial after a well-known motorcyclist and bike builder was killed in an accident. He has been described as one of the top bike builders working in the industry right now — he once built a bike for Brad Pitt — and he knew many of the people who gathered in Arizona.

They were stunned by the sudden death. Friends spoke openly about what he had meant to them and what it felt like.

“It was a big shock to what I call the Moto Family,” one artist said. “Not just me, but all the other bike builders and people. We’re all kind of one big family and intertwined, so it’s quite the shock…[He was] a low-key nice, young man. [He had] a small, little daughter [and was] well liked by everybody I know.”

That daughter’s mother was the man’s longtime partner, and the two are now left grieving in the wake of the tragic crash.

The loss was felt in Arizona because of more than just Bike Week. Despite his travels and work in different places, the man was originally from Arizona. He still worked out of one of his shops in Phoenix.

Accidents like this show that even the most experienced bikers still face risks. You just cannot always avoid an accident. Other drivers will still make mistakes that can put you in the hospital, for instance, or mechanical defects could lead to a crash. If you get injured in a wreck, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation.


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