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4 reasons motorcycle wrecks happen

Arizona is a motorcycle rider’s dream. After all, the state has some epic roadways and beautiful landscapes to explore. When you climb behind the handlebars of your cruiser, sport bike or dirt bike, though, you may be at a greater risk of sustaining a serious injury. In fact, in 2017, more than 2,400 riders suffered some type of injury on roads in the Grand Canyon State. 

If you sustain a serious injury in a collision, you may never be the same again. While acting quickly to pursue compensation for your injuries is smart, you likely want to avoid a motorcycle wreck altogether. By understanding why motorcycle accidents occur, you can better strategize for staying safe on your bike. Here are four common reasons for motorcycle wrecks: 

1. Blind spots 

When passing a car, truck, SUV or commercial vehicle, you have to think about blind spots. Put simply, if you ride where other motorists cannot see you, you increase your chances of a motorcycle wreck. 

2. Turns 

You probably make several turns every time you ride your bike. Remember, motorists may not expect to encounter your motorcycle during a left-hand turn, so exercising additional caution when turning or passing a turning vehicle is a good idea. 

3. Distractions 

Both distracted driving and distracted riding are recipes for disaster. Because you cannot force motorists to focus on the road, you must assume every vehicle has a distracted driver behind the wheel. By giving motorists a bit of extra space, you increase the amount of time you have to compensate for distracted driving. 

4. Booze 

By now, everyone on the road should know that driving under the influence is dangerous. Unfortunately, though, drivers and motorcycle riders continue to operate their vehicles after consuming alcohol. 

As a motorcycle rider, you likely cannot eliminate your odds of having a wreck. While defensive riding is a good way to stay safe on your machine, you must also understand why motorcycle accidents tend to happen. By working to become an informed rider, you demonstrate your commitment to motorcycle safety.


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