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Teen dies when truck gets hit and bursts into flames

A teenager tragically died in Arizona while riding in a pickup truck. The truck got involved in an accident and caught on fire.

The teen was a high school senior, though he was 19 years old. He and his friends were apparently going to Lake Pleasant to spend some time together when another vehicle hit their pickup.

After the impact, the truck caught on fire. The rest of the teens scrambled out of the burning vehicle, but the 19-year-old, who was in the rear seat, could not get out. He passed away about two weeks before he would have graduated from high school.

“Everyday they would go to the lake and go fishing, hiking, or something outdoors,” his father said. “He loved it…I told him I loved him yesterday and he told me he loved me back. He will be missed.”

A picture of the young man in the news reports shows him sitting in a boat with a smile on his face, drinking an iced tea.

Pictures from the crash scene, meanwhile, show the burned pickup truck sitting next to a light pole on the side of the road. The entire area around it is charred. A black car with heavy front-end damage is still sitting in the street. Reports say that the cause of the crash is still under investigation.

This story helps show how unexpected and tragic an accident can be. Have you lost a loved one in an accident or suffered serious injuries? If so, you need to know what legal options you have to seek financial compensation.


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