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4 dangerous intersections in the Phoenix area

The Phoenix metropolitan area is a fantastic place to live and work. Because the city does not offer much in the way of public transportation, though, you likely spend a significant part of your day on the road. While practicing safe driving is always a good idea, you may want to avoid places where accidents tend to occur.

Phoenix has some treacherous highways, streets, roads and bridges. In no particular order, here are four dangerous intersections in the Phoenix area: 

1. Indian School Road and 67th Avenue 

Apartments are seemingly everywhere around the intersection of Indian School Road and 67th Avenue. While the area has a variety of shopping, entertainment and dining options, it is also tough to navigate. Put simply, as you approach the intersection, you must assume you may encounter drivers unfamiliar with traffic patterns. 

2. Northern Avenue and 59th Avenue 

If you regularly drive on either Northern Avenue or 59th Avenue, you know how crowded both roadways can be. Congestion worsens where the two avenues cross, though. If trying to turn into or out of the corner shopping center, you may have a bit of a wait. Without some patience, you may also find yourself in the middle of an accident

3. Camelback Road and 27th Avenue 

The intersection of Camelback Road and 27th Avenue seems simple and straightforward. That is not necessarily the case, though. With the intersection’s proximity to Grand Canyon University, you must contend with excessive traffic. Even worse, sun glare during the morning and afternoon commutes can be downright brutal. 

4. Bell Road and 59th Avenue 

With as many as 70,000 vehicles passing through it every day, the intersection of Bell Road and 59th Avenue poses some danger for motorists. While Bell Road is an effective way to get across town, be careful when you approach 59th Avenue. Because the light does not stay green as long as you may expect, prepare yourself to stop. Also, begin slowing down early to minimize your chances of a rear-end collision. 

While the above list does not include every dangerous intersection in the Phoenix area, it does describe a few risky driving areas. By exercising additional caution or avoiding dangerous intersections altogether, you can increase your odds of arriving at your destination safely.


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