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After fatal crash, man gets almost 20 years

A man who is only 20 years old is going to have to spend almost that much time in jail for his role in a deadly car accident, as he was recently sentenced to 19.5 years behind bars.

According to reports, the incident began with a police chase. The man tried to run from the authorities down U.S. 60. At times, he was driving about 90 miles per hour as he attempted to get away. It got so dangerous that the police decided to call off the pursuit to protect other drivers. This all happened back in April of 2017.

Even though the police stopped their pursuit, the man continued on and crashed roughly 15 minutes after they disengaged. He was apparently driving the wrong direction at the time, and five different people saw his car going down the wrong lanes and called 911. Unfortunately, no one was able to stop him before the tragic crash.

Multiple people got injured in the ensuing wreck. One woman, who was from Mesa, lost her life.

When the man got his sentence, he did say that he took full responsibility for what he had done, and he asked the woman’s family if they could forgive him for killing her.

Reports from the time of the accident claim that the driver assaulted his girlfriend and then proceeded to steal her car, which he was driving during the crash.

This story really shows how a single incident can spiral out of control and take lives. If you have lost a loved one in a crash, make sure you know what rights you have to compensation.


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