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Arizona passes new law to limit texting behind the wheel

Car accidents happen every day around Arizona. They are a major cause of emergency room visits and fatalities. Many of these collisions are a result of someone looking at their smartphone while driving. Fortunately, Arizona lawmakers have taken steps to reduce the number of auto accidents with the passage of a new bill. 

House Bill 2318 passed in April of this year. Governor Doug Ducey signed the bill into law, which means Arizona joins 47 other states in criminalizing texting while driving. The bill overrides other ordinances passed in dozens of Arizona cities. This law now takes precedent. The hope is that this new law will convince people to put their phones down when they drive and make things easier to understand when they travel from one city to the next. 

What does the new law do?

The bill prohibits motorists from texting, talking, typing and browsing apps while operating a motor vehicle. The only time drivers can use their phones is if it is a hands-free device. The bill also applies to standalone electronic devices and portable wireless communication devices. It also improves Arizona’s existing distracted driving laws. 

Numerous fatalities have occurred over the years when people look at their phones. With their attention divided, many motorists will cross over into other lanes of traffic, colliding with other vehicles. The bill received approval from AAA, the Fraternal Order of Police, the Arizona Association of Police Chiefs and the Arizona Police Officers Association. The goal of the law is not for the police to write more tickets. The goal is to limit the number of injuries and fatalities that take place every year on the streets of Arizona. Everyone deserves the right to drive with peace of mind. When people drive safely, everyone can get to their destinations all right. House Bill 2318 will hopefully encourage drivers to stay off their phones and pay more attention to the road. 


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