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People will give any excuse for a car accident

When someone else causes a car accident and slams into your vehicle, the problem seems fairly clear: They hit you. Maybe they didn’t see a stop sign or got distracted by their phone. You don’t necessarily know what happened, but you know that you didn’t make any mistakes, and it was their fault.

However, when you talk to them, you may get a very different story. What you’ll find is that people often want to place the blame elsewhere, even when doing so makes very little sense. They’ll give almost any excuse that they can think of for why the accident was out of their hands.

Take, for instance, the man who blamed a bus for being ahead of schedule, saying that was why he crashed into it when he left his house. Others have blamed their vehicles themselves, saying they were just learning how to use some new type of technology — assisted parking, for instance. Still others have blamed pedestrians for not doing enough to get out of the way of the car before getting hit.

If some of these things seem like a stretch, they should. The key point to remember is that what appears to be a clear-cut case to you could be something that the other party hotly contests. They do not want to have an accident on their record. They don’t want to pay you compensation for your injuries. They may not act rationally or adhere to common sense.

That’s why it is imperative that you know all of your legal options after you get injured in a car crash in Arizona.


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