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The high rate of motorcycle fatalities

Motorcycle fatalities happen far too often. The statistics make it clear that riding a bike increases your odds of losing your life in an accident, and the increase is fairly dramatic.

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 7,713 people died in two-car accidents in 2017. Of those, 1,088 people lost their lives in motorcycle crashes. That means that about 14.1 percent of those who died in two-vehicle crashes during the year were riding motorcycles.

This may make motorcycles look safe, but you have to consider how few people actually own them. According to reports, ownership recently increased from 6.94% to 8.02%. Increase or not, it’s clear that motorcyclists die in accidents at a far greater rate. Car ownership percentages are much higher, dwarfing even the higher total deaths in cars and trucks.

You also have to remember that just owning a motorcycle does not mean you drive it all of the time. While over 8% of people may own them, the percentage of bikes on the road at any given time is far smaller than the percentage of cars, with many of those bikes in garages all across the United States.

While it’s undeniable that motorcycles can be fun and exciting, it is also important for riders to know what risks they face. It’s time to take this seriously and really consider just why so many riders pass away — especially in two-vehicle crashes that may be caused by the other drivers. If you get injured or if you lose a loved one, you must know what legal options you have to seek out financial compensation.


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