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Arizona has a high percentage of motorcycle fatalities

Arizona is a very popular destination for motorcyclists, who have a longer season riding in the state than they would enjoy in many other parts of the country

The unfortunate reality is that this also means that Arizona sees a far higher percentage of motorcycle fatalities than you would find in other states. You can see this clearly when you compare motorcycle deaths in a calendar year to total auto accident deaths within the state.

In Arizona, 15.2% of traffic fatalities involved motorcycles in 2016, according to a report published last year. By comparison, in Alaska, a mere 7.1% of traffic fatalities involved motorcyclists. Alaska had the lowest motorcycle fatality rate in the nation. The next lowest was Mississippi, at 7.2%.

If you’re interested in the other side of the equation, it’s important to note that Nevada was the state with the highest percentage of motorcyclist deaths. It came in at 22.6%. The drop-off was significant, though. Arizona had the 13th highest percentage, despite being substantially lower than Nevada.

What does this mean for you if you ride a motorcycle? It simply means that you need to understand the risks and be careful. Make sure you follow traffic laws and use proper safety gear.

It’s likely that the higher usage rate of motorcycles in Arizona contributes to the higher percentage of fatalities. Deadly accidents happen more just because more people ride, not because the state is inherently more dangerous.

If you do get involved in an accident and suffer injuries or lose a loved one, you may have a legal right to compensation.


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