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Does a motorcycle helmet make it harder to see?

One reason that some riders are resistant to the idea of motorcycle helmets is that they worry that they won’t be able to see as well to either side. They know how important their peripheral vision is, and they think that the helmet will restrict it unnecessarily. In this fashion, they actually think it’s more dangerous to drive with a helmet on. Despite the protection it provides in a crash, they also believe it’s going to make a crash far more likely, and they’d understandably like to avoid that situation.

It’s important to know that this fear is a myth. The Department of Transportation has taken great care to set up proper safety standards for all helmets. Regardless of the design, they need to give someone a field of view that runs for 210 degrees. There’s no restriction at all. Even with a full face shield, a rider can see perfectly and does not lose his or her peripheral vision.

When you factor in road conditions, the full-faced helmet actually makes it easier to see. It blocks the rain. It keeps the wind out of your eyes. It blocks bugs and dust and road debris. Without the mask, all of these things can impede your vision without warning, possibly causing an accident. So, as you can see, wearing a helmet makes an accident less likely and helps reduce the odds of serious injuries if you do get involved in a crash.

Of course, even the best helmet on the market today does not prevent all injuries. If another driver hits you, it’s important to know what legal rights you have.


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