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Lighting still needs to be safe, even when prioritizing the view

Preserving natural beauty is always something that has been important in Arizona. For instance, nearly 20 years ago, Flagstaff became the first International Dark Sky City in the world. This was done to try to reduce light pollution so that residents could observe an unobstructed view of the night sky, without the light pollution so common in other cities.

While this is a valid concern and something that people all across the state need to keep in mind, it’s also worth pointing out that officials know that health and safety have to come first. Proper outdoor lighting prevents accidents. It prevents injuries. It allows people to use parking lots, businesses, apartment complexes and many other buildings without facing unneeded risks.

In fact, some of the reduction in light has also focused on health and safety. For instance, there has been an emphasis on reducing glare that could make it harder for people to see or ruin their night vision.

That doesn’t mean no light at all. It’s the balance that is appropriate. It means having the right types of lights, the right distribution, the right lighting patterns and much more. It means putting up lights that focus on preserving natural beauty and giving people the type of safe experience they deserve. It’s a balancing act that lawmakers in the state have decided is very important to them and all residents.

Have you suffered an injury due to improper lighting? Maybe it happened because of excessive glare or a lack of lighting entirely. If so, you must know if you have a right to financial compensation.


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