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2 children in crosswalk struck as cars crash

A two-car crash is dangerous enough on it’s own, but a recent accident in Tempe was worsened by two children being hit while they were walking in a crosswalk.

It appears that one car had stopped at the intersection. The children and other members of their family were properly crossing in front of the car. However, that car was then hit from behind by another vehicle that did not stop in time. The impact was violent enough to slam the first car into those in crosswalk.

Most of the family was spared injury because they were behind the two children who got hit, ages 3 and 10. The 3-year-old was riding in a stroller being pushed by their older sibling.

According to reports, an 88-year-old woman wound up in the hospital with serious injuries, although it is not clear which car she was in. The younger child was also seriously injured. The 10-year-old girl suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. One more person was involved in the accident but refused medical treatment at the scene.

One can only wonder if the injuries would not have been more extensive if that first car had not been stopped at the intersection already, essentially blocking the two children from the second car.

An accident like this is a parent’s worst nightmare. You must be your injured child’s advocate to ensure that they obtain the proper medical treatment that allows them to recover as fully as possible after the accident. If your children get injured, make sure you are well aware of the legal options you have.


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