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Motorcyclists: Arizona’s monsoon season ends in September

Arizona is a beautiful state and often a great place to get out on your motorcycle, but you do have to take into account the fact that the state has a significant monsoon season. This is the type of weather that can cause you some serious problems on the road if you get caught unaware. Heavy rains make the roads slick, lead to hydroplaning, reduce your visibility and much more.

There is good news, though: The season ends in September. Some reports claim that it usually wraps up around September 13, though there is a chance that unexpected late-season weather could strike the state. As such, the National Weather Service has picked a bit later of a date, setting the end of the season at September 30. This allows for some late-season weather to still fit into their projected timeframe, though the average end date shows that the monsoon risk could drop significantly about two weeks before it officially ends.

In many northern states, the start of October means that motorcycle season is almost over. It just gets too cold, and you begin to worry about snow and ice. While you do want to keep an eye on dropping temperatures in Arizona — it does snow in parts of the state — you generally get a much longer motorcycle season than you would elsewhere. In some senses, this makes it the perfect time to ride.

Of course, no matter when you ride, you still face risks from other drivers, and you need to know what to do if you get injured in an accident.


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