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Accident in Phoenix may have saved family’s life

In one of the stranger accidents you will ever see, a family may have been spared serious injuries or death because of a car crash that took place at an intersection.

In a video of the crash, you can see that the intersection has a red light. The family — adults pushing a stroller — starts to cross the street running perpendicular to the road, as they are allowed to do. While they are in the road, however, a car moving at a high rate of speed runs the red light and heads straight for them.

Just before it hits them, another car legally crosses through the intersection, going the opposite direction that the family is walking. The car that is running the red light slams into this second vehicle in a violent collision. The family, unharmed on the other side of the crash, runs the rest of the way across the street.

According to the authorities — though this part is not seen on the news footage — the red light runner attempted to flee the scene. A witness followed and kept tabs on them until police arrived and arrested them on multiple charges.

As bad as the accident was, and as much as the driver who got hit wouldn’t feel that fortunate, it’s amazing to think of just how bad the crash could have been if the speeding driver had struck the family and then run from the scene.

Have you gotten injured in a car accident? This story shows just how fast it can happen. If so, you must know all of the legal options you have to seek compensation.


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