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Motorcycle helmet use has increased again

For a time, motorcycle helmet use was on the decline. People may have understood the dangers of riding without a helmet — it is the single most important piece of safety gear you can wear — but they liked the comfort and freedom of riding without one. Helmets are not mandatory in every state, so people did not always choose to wear them.

However, recent stats show that the trend seems to have reversed. More people are wearing helmets again. Here are the statistics from the Insurance Information Institute:

  • Year 2000: 71% helmet use.
  • Year 2005: 48% helmet use.
  • Year 2010: 54% helmet use.
  • Year 2012: 60% helmet use.
  • Year 2013: 60% helmet use.
  • Year 2014: 65% helmet use.
  • Year 2015: 61% helmet use.
  • Year 2016: 65% helmet use.
  • Year 2017: 65% helmet use.
  • Year 2018: 71% helmet use.

Naturally, helmet use does not have a lot to do with the risks of getting into an accident. But it can reduce the severity of injuries suffered when these accidents take place, and it can also make it less likely that someone will pass away in the accident.

That said, nothing is a guarantee. No helmet can offer complete protection in every crash. If you get hit by a driver in a car or truck, despite all of the safety gear you have on, you could still wind up with life-changing injuries. A loved one could pass away. You need to know if you have a legal right to financial compensation for things like medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages and much more.


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