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Officer gives driving tips after 10-car crash

When the news stations in Phoenix began to talk about a recent pile-up, they started by staying that 20 cars were involved. A police officer got on the line to do an interview with them, and he quickly pointed out that it was actually 10 different cars. While that is a much smaller wreck, it still shows just how massive a chain-reaction crash can be.

The reports stated that cars driving on wet roads began piling up when a speeding vehicle at the front hit the concrete wall on SR-51. This was before 5:00 a.m., when it was still dark out. To get traffic to slow down, the driver apparently got out of that car and went out into the road, trying to wave down the others.

That tactic, which the police officer did not support at all because it was so dangerous, did not work. in an effort to avoid the driver and his vehicle, other drivers lost control on the slick roads and the chain reaction began.

After talking about the specifics of the crash, the officer gave these driving tips:

  • Always be alert and careful behind the wheel
  • Keep an eye on your speed and do not exceed the limit
  • Keep a good following distance between cars
  • Allow enough space to stop in an emergency without hitting the next car

These are good tips for any type of driving, but they’re especially helpful on slick roads at night. The reality, of course, is that not all drivers will do this, and more accidents will happen. Those who get injured need to know what rights they have.


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