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Serious accident leaves 1 dead in Arizona

One person has passed away in Arizona after a car accident that is still being investigated by the local police.

According to reports, the crash happened on Sunday, November 17, in the early hours of the morning. It was in Mesa, Arizona. The wreck happened close to McKellips Road and Gilbert Road.

The vehicles involved were a passenger car and a minivan. A lone person — the driver — was in the minivan. The passenger car had three people inside, two passengers and a driver. When the two vehicles hit one another, the person in the minivan passed away. Emergency crews responded and pronounced them dead at the accident scene.

All three people in the car suffered injuries. For two of them, these were described as “less serious,” but the third person had serious injuries and was rushed to a medical center for treatment.

The authorities are putting the pieces together and carrying out an investigation to see why the accident occurred. They have not released their findings yet. In fact, reports even said that it’s “unknown” if either of the drivers in the crash was impaired at the time.

Night driving is often noted to be far more dangerous than driving during the day, so those early morning hours can pose a serious threat for people who have to be on the road so early. This story helps to underscore just how quickly a serious crash can occur and what type of ramifications it can have.

Those who get injured in accidents caused by other drivers may be able to seek compensation.


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